IO&OI is a unique and wonderful therapeutic technique that uses the relationship between you and your home to effect change. Change happens in an integrated and holistic way. It is a fun, practical and powerful way of transforming yourself and your home.IO&OI is all about transformation. It’s like traditional therapy in that we would talk about the kind of intentions and choices you want to make for yourself. Together we would consider questions like how you express your identity. And especially we would look at how you express yourself in your home. This is the inside out part of things.Unlike traditional psychotherapy it’s also about transformation from the outside in. We all know that colour can change our mood, that mess can bring us down and that our living environment has a huge effect on us. So we work together to make your home into the kind of place that really says who you are and that reminds you of what you stand for.

What that means is that I help you to express your uniqueness in your home (or work space) and bring a harmony between who you are and how you live. This is a powerful way to live more beautifully – from the inside out and the outside in.