Individual consultation
Daphne will come to your home or workplace and do an initial consultation with you lasting about two hours. In this time we will discuss in detail the vision you have for yourself and your home. We will decide together how to achieve this. The process will always respect your wishes, your budget, your time constraints and your uniqueness. I will negotiate the level of involvement that you want.

You may need help with sorting out clutter and getting organized. Or you may be wanting to express a new, bold you in a dramatic way. Perhaps things have changed in your life and your home hasn’t quite caught up. Maybe you just need to brainstorm some ideas to get you going. You may know quite clearly what you want, but not know where to get it. IO&OI will help you to clarify, prioritize and achieve your desires. One thing you can be sure of is that I will not impose my ideas or force you into a look or a style. This is all about you and realizing your unique style.

I also offer workshops. These could be intimate affairs in a ‘host’ home or large groups in a corporate environment. The idea with home workshops is that you gather a few of your friends together. If you or one of the group is prepared to host the workshop, I would come to you. There are all sorts of variations and I will negotiate around times, venues and costs. Sometimes I work with consultants, for example an interior decorator – it depends on the focus of the workshop.

Costs depend on so many variables – the scope of the work, the numbers at workshops – and for that reason it is just about impossible to put down any numbers. We tailor-make every job to suit each person and each group, and therefore negotiate the cost as a part of every consultation.