Even as a little girl, I was interested in creating order and beauty in my living space. I loved tidying cupboards, rearranging furniture, making little nests. This interest has continued through the years. I love seeing how people inhabit their spaces and the creativity, resourcefulness and individuality that they bring to how they live. I have taken a huge amount of pleasure in creating my own home and am continually changing colours and configurations. The relationship between myself and my home is a rich one that reflects back to me who I am and how I express myself.As a grown-up I work as a psychologist – work that I love because, amongst other things, I get to see the creativity, resourcefulness and individuality of people.

And then it struck me that working in people’s homes would provide a fabulous medium for therapy. There are so many metaphors and symbols in homes of who we are and how we live. As a psychologist I take huge pleasure in being a witness to people becoming confident about who they are and then inhabiting their potential and their lives. I thought that if people were able to discover the creative interior decorator within themselves and have the confidence to inhabit their living spaces in their preferred ways, this would be a great way of reinforcing that process.

I am a psychologist and not an interior designer. I am primarily interested in the person and not the place. I am passionate about helping people to create what they really want for themselves. Starting in the home seems a good place to start.