My  father believed that if you had to suffer for things, they were more worthwhile. He had a carving made which is Greek (to me) but apparently it says that ‘the most difficult things in life, are the most worthwhile’.



He was not the only one to think that things that come too easy, are cheap and worthless. I think of a client of mine, who consistently chooses men who are unavailable or difficult in one way or another. The men who really like her and are attracted to her, she treats with disdain, and she believes that if she wins over an unavailable man and overcomes the challenges of getting together with him, that the relationship will mean more and be worth more.

I’m not so sure about suffering and hardship as being the means of creating great worth.  I certainly know that there is no need to seek out difficulty as life will dish out its unfair share anyway. And I do know that there is something special about people who have withstood, endured and overcome difficulty and hardship. But I have to say that, no doubt due to my lack of character, and perhaps as a mild rebellion against my father, I get very pleased when things work easily and without fuss or difficulty.

What set about my thinking about all this is how I got new curtains in my guest room. Some years ago, I gave the guest room an update when my kind-of-BAE moved out. At the time I bought expensive fabric for new curtains and then messed up the making of them and made them too small, but I’d already cut up the fabric and it was a typical and stupid thing that I’d done, and my poor guests had to put up with curtains that were far too small and didn’t really do the job. So, I’ve had it in mind for a while now that I should get some decent curtains but haven’t felt very inspired.

Then I went to OASIS to drop off my re-cycling, visited the charity shop there and saw some curtains bundled up. I bought them, thinking that I’d have to do some cutting and sewing and knowing that it was very likely that I’d make a mess of the whole job. But for R70 it was worth a shot. I couldn’t believe it when I got them home to find that the curtains were a perfect fit. All I had to do was chop them in half and sew up the edges. Believe me, I am capable of messing even that up, but I didn’t. Everything worked so well. I had the right number of hooks. They all went in easily. Even threading the needle on my old sewing machine was relatively easy. Easy peasy, couldn’t have been less pain and suffering!


So now my guests will have curtains that do the job and look like this:


Cheap and easy – yes. Worth a lot – oh yeah!

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