I love shelves and I have a lot of them in my home. Of course a home needs bookshelves and I love shelves that house books and other things on them like this:



In the kitchen, shelves are really useful – for bowls and for jugs and for pretty blue and white collections:







I was very pleased to find a pen and pencil holder in a charity shop that has become a little shelf in the bathroom for shells.


Then naturally shelves are places on which to put flowers and other little treasures:


Given my great love of shelves, I find it very strange that when we speak of “shelving something” we mean that we are putting it aside or dismissing it. I wonder how it would be if the things that we have shelved in our lives, were actually the things that we put in full sight and whether we might find those things useful or beautiful.


Can you think of any projects, ideas or difficulties that you may have shelved? If you were to bring these out, how might it be?

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