We don’t always know what divides and separates families. We don’t always know how different family members can land up in different places, sometimes unaware of their family of origin, sometimes separated through awful circumstance of which they are only too aware. There are many tragic tales of loss and separation. There are also a few of amazing reunions.


Here is a very little and unimportant tale of a lovely family reunion.


I bought these two ducks at Milnerton Market some years ago. I got a discount because there were only two of them. Where they had come from and how far they had flown, I do not know. I was told they were quite rare and valuable, but I liked them because they had been such a decor feature for a particular kind of house at a particular time, and they were a bit of a joke feature in my house.


I added some more flying ducks to add to the joke.


And then today I had a meeting at my friend Nancy’s house and on the wall facing me was a duck that looked very similar to my two loners. I asked her about it and before I could blink, she had taken it off her wall and given it to me.


So now the three ducks are a proper family again and they fly proudly against my pink wall. This story is a double heartwarmer: the duck family is reunited and I have a friend who without a pause generously makes my day with her gift of the duck.  Almost makes you want to cry, doesn’t it?

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