For quite a while now a section of my sitting room wall has been getting ever browner and more bubbly. It is the precise section behind which is my shower. And for quite a while now I have been splashing on a bit of white paint and hoping to disguise the ugliness. But there comes a time when there is nothing for it but to pay up and get it fixed. So Gakkie came and sealed the shower and stripped the wall. After it had dried out, he skimmed the wall and after that had dried, it was up to me to paint. I really grudge having to spend money, time and energy on just getting something back to the way it was. Where is the fun in that?


Yesterday this is how the wall looked.



A very small section of painting you may say. Yes, but you have to do the whole wall – not just the affected section. And then you notice that the dado rails are filthy, so you paint those. And the skirtings are messed up and the floor, so very much later today, this is how it looks.



I know that no one is going to walk into my house and say what a lovely clean white wall I have. They will not remark on the dust-free white dado rails. In fact no one will know anything of the hours of labour, the money, the aching back and shoulder that it has taken just to restore this little bit of wall.


But, at least for a few days, I will revel in the fresh whiteness and I will be a little bit gleeful for the work that has been done. And I will smugly know all that has gone into having that smooth white wall.


It’s something like this when we deal with an anxiety or a sadness and we are restored to our usual self. Not many know of how much it takes, but we can feel a bit proud because we know!

2 thoughts on “Grudges and a little glee

  1. I think you did a great job. Bravo. And while perhaps no one will remark on the clean white wall and the dust free dado rails, they will remark on the sense of orderliness, your great colour sense for laying out your house and the lovely lighting.

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