I was going to write a post about how quick it is to break down and how slow it is to clean up and restore. This in relation to fixing some damp and cracks in my walls. It really took a very short space of time to cover my home in brick dust. Chopping off the rotten plaster took no time at all. It has however taken an age to vacuum up, to dust to restore … I said I was going to write about this, but decided that we had quite enough examples of breaking down in the universities and in politics at the moment. So I’m rather going to write about changing colour.


After the large crack in my study had been plastered and primed it was time to paint. I didn’t have any of the original colour and naturally I didn’t have any record of the name of the paint. So I had to decide whether to try to match it, just paint the new plaster, or do the whole wall in a different colour. I opted for the latter and this is how it looks – one blue wall, three reds.




Maybe not as amazing as hoped, but it has been very interesting to see how the same pictures look so different against the blue. I’d got so used to seeing them all against the red that I hardly noticed them, but now the pictures are standing out and looking quite vivid and different.


So I wonder what my default psychological background colour is. Do the objects of my psychological landscape stand out from the background colours, or do they blend in? Do I change the background colours or keep them fairly uniform?


How is it for you?

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  1. What an interesting and quite challenging thought. Where am I safe, I ask myself.

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