I love it when things happen fast. I am impatient with waiting. When I have an idea, it must happen now.


I think of those studies of those poor children who have to sit in front of one marshmallow and who have been told that if they wait they will get two. I know without a shadow of doubt that I would instantly scoff the one marshmallow. I would not wait patiently. And so I would be marked as someone with poor impulse control or someone who is given to instant gratification. In psychology these are very bad things and have been linked to anti-social behaviour in adults. I don’t care. I think there’s a lot to be said for instant gratification and getting things done immediately.


Here’s my latest example of instant effect:



You might think that I’ve sourced some beautiful old tiles and had them neatly grouted above my basin where I’ve wanted to do something for a while. (I don’t act on every idea immediately. Probably laziness prevents that – but that’s another story) Anyway, all the labour and time involved in proper tilingĀ  would have taken far too much time and trouble for quick-and-easy me. So imagine my delight to have found these vinyl tiles and to have had them all up and arranged within ten minutes. That’s instant gratification and that’s what I like.


Please tell me that you are not always patient and careful and that you also like some quick and immediate pleasures.

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