I really like decor magazines. I fall on them, feast on them and digest them. But I have been irritated by a trend in some of the pictures lately. It seems that it is now considerd a very good idea to have shoes in the picture – especially in bathrooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. It irritates me every time I see a glossy picture with shoes in it and I have been trying to figure out why it gets to me.


I imagine that the shoes are put in to give a sense of a real, lived-in home. If that is the case, it doesn’t work. Really, if you are having your home photographed for a magazine, wouldn’t you put shoes away – and everything else. You would tidy up. If I had just stepped out of my Jimmy Choos by my bed, I would be on it or in it, but that doesn’t do for a shoot. So are the shoes representative of the idea? Doesn’t work for me. Incidentally, if I had Jimmy Choos that I wanted to be noticed, I would display them and not just leave them casually by the bed in the hopes that they made it into the photograph.


And in a bathroom, it would be a lot more real to have a wet towel or discarded underwear on the floor. A neatly placed pair of shoes by the bath is just silly. A child’s room might conceivably have shoes on the floor, but it would have a whole lot of other things as well. Usually in the magazine pics, there is an artfully placed pair of takkies and the rest of the room is clinically tidy.


I find these shoes in decor shots a silly irritation because they are so staged, so full of artifice and affectation. It is one thing in a magazine, where a whole lot of the pictures are probably photoshopped and done with smoke and mirrors anyway. But I suppose it gets to my gullible sensibilities because I find affectation and artifice such a difficult thing in people. You just can’t trust them or know what is real and true.


So, I think that decor magazines should leave out the shoes in their pictures. And I think that we should all keep it real and cut the affectation.


2015-09-27 08.49.47

See, I’ve done a silly, arty shot of my bath – with shoes.

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