Honestly, I can’t help myself when it comes to making little collections. Lez gave me a candlestick and it was the tipping point for displaying a candlestick collection.



So, here it is and I know that it is a very primitive thing to be classifying things that are similar, but I find it hugely satisfying to make these little collections of things that are similar in some respect.


I suppose that there might be some deep atavistic element to this that goes to the survival strategy of belonging. And I know that Vygotsky and Piaget have written tomes on the developmental aspects of recognising ” similar” and “different” and the naming of those categories, and how we learn from what is similar and known, out to the unknown.


This is all well and good. In my home my candlestick collection is no better than, say my mirror collection. And the mirror collection is no worse than, say my collection of little boxes. They are all different and all give me pleasure. If I want to change things around I will not smash a collection and destroy the elements; they will simply go in different places – a diaspora as it were.


I wish that we, as groups and collections of people, could accept that we are one big collection of people, rather than little collections of Somalis, or Malawians or whatever, some of whom are better than others. And oh how I wish that we didn’t smash and destroy because we think some group is not allowed what we want.


I hope so much that we can learn to take pleasure in making groupings of “similar” but that we are not violent towards groupings of “dissimilar”.

5 thoughts on “Another collection – inspired by Eskom

  1. What a simple, beautiful comment on the horrifyingly destructive processes at work in South Africa. If only we could kiss – keep it simple.

  2. Oh, and I just have to add how brilliantly placed the candle collection is, under that particular painting!

  3. So, Daphne, the painting is lovely, the candle collection equally. I now have to drag this down to the gutter level because Eskom reminds me I wanted to check whether you’d already come across the following Eskom story:

    Satan visits Cape Town and meets Gatiep.
    “Do you know who I am?”
    “Nay”, says Gatiep, “giemy a hint”
    Satan says, “I am the prince of darkness”
    “Fok” says Gatiep, “jhy’s mos die CEO van Eskom

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