I’m going through a phase where things are giving up, running out, needing major repair. Not me, myself yet, thank heavens, but my chandelier, my car and my tv. This post is about the support I got in fixing and replacing that made it all quite easy.


My beautiful chandelier had been giving a dim light as all the red roses were out.



But Bernie fixed that. He clambered about in the ceiling and got the right kind of transformer. He even offered to come back the next day in order to replace a bulb. It is now a joy to me every time I switch on the light and it is bright and beautiful.


Then my old car, Little Green, was getting unreliable about starting and went to the garage. My friend Allie gave me a lift to Paarden Island and stayed with me to hear about the exorbitant repair quote. Then he strolled with me to the sales section and encouraged me to sign on the dotted line for a new car with which I am now very pleased.



The last help was from Abdul, who really should be a model because he is so good-looking. He made several visits to get my rusty old tv dish replaced, to check why my new tv wasn’t working and then to install a new decoder. So I now have a tv that works like a dream.



To have support from competent, friendly and generous people is a wonderful thing. So thank you to Allie, Abdul and Bernie – and thank you to all my wonderful friends and family and random others who have supported me in numerous ways.

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