There are so many things to be serious about and so many things that get us worried – often in the hours when we should be sleeping. And of course there are many things that are worthy of our gravest attention and concern. But sometimes we get worried about things that are not worth worrying about, and about which we can do nothing, but such worrying can give us a sense of importance. We can be earnest and important – and then we can get quite insufferable.

A good antidote is laughing at the absurdity of things and laughing at ourselves. The very ability to laugh at yourself and your situation, means that you have managed to distance yourself enough to get a different perspective on matters – and that in itself is sometimes enough to burst the bubble of self-important worry.

I like to have touches of absurdity in my home to remind me not to get too serious about myself.

Here are some of them:

Remember the three flying ducks from homes in the sixties? I’ve got two of them! (Special bargain at Milnerton Market because the third one was broken.) I’ve got lots more in the way of non-serious decor in my home – artificial flowers, bright colours, all sorts of pictures and things on my walls. These are all reminders of not to get too serious about myself. I hope also to help my clients to laugh in the face of some of their worries.

One thought on “The importance of being earnest (sorry Noel Coward)

  1. PS I LOVE the butterfly/paint/ladder artwork – did you do it or your Ruth? It works.

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