I don’t think one should be a rebel just for the sake of being a rebel; and I think it is better to be a rebel with a cause than one without. So here’s a little bit of rebellion from me.

For quite a while now I have been thinking how nice it would be to wallpaper the outside of my house, but I’ve been a bit daunted by the practical difficulties and the cost thereof. It hasn’t been a serious thought, but I’ve enjoyed imagining houses in all sorts of wallpaper designs as I drift off to sleep. Sometimes I spoke to people about my wallpaper- outside- idea and mostly was met with a response of how impossible it would be.

Then I found a bit of wrapping paper that had a design on it that I thought would be perfect for the outside of my house. I went to the printing shop up the way and asked them if they could make wallpaper from the design. After some initial misgivings and frowns and warnings, they said they could print it on vinyl and they gave me the name of a man who could apply the vinyl to my wall. I decided to do one wall on my stoep.

This is how the stoep looked before wallpapering:

And here is Paul trimming and preparing the vinyl:

And here is my new stoep – that I am very pleased with.

And that just shows that sometimes it is a good thing to rebel against what you are told is possible!

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