To be honest my inside thoughts last night and early this morning were not very cheerful. I felt I might be getting a cold. I thought I would spend the day reading in bed and slouching around my house watching TV. I felt a bit sorry for myself and a bit alone.

I woke this morning to a very beautiful day and at first that made me feel even more miserable because I had no one to share it with and I would just be home alone. While having my lonely breakfast I realised that I could just get out into the day and I started getting  more cheery inside. I slapped on some sunblock, put on my swimming costume and shorts and drove up to Silvermine.

First stop was to dive into the beautiful brown water of the dam. As mild as milk and the great blue sky above me and mountains all around. The great big beautiful outside was doing magic for my inside. I felt so pleased to be part of this beauty.

Then I walked up the track with the sun hot on my back and I was alone for a lot of the walk even though the car park was full and cars were backed up for a long way along the road. And in that great beautiful outside I thought of my father who loved the mountains so much, and I thought of my mother who doesn’t have the breath or strength  to walk far now. And I thought of lots of things and I couldn’t really remember why I was feeling miserable, and anyway it wasn’t important because now I was part of an expansive beauty which put me in my place – in a good way – and made me happy.

Then I came over the top of the neck and even though I’ve seen the view quite often before, it always takes my breath away.

This picture doesn’t begin to do the scene justice. In real life it is utterly fabulous!

Then I walked down again and had another delicious swim in the dam. I was home by midday, with an inside  quite transformed by the outside beauty that I had experienced.

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