For quite a while now I have been irritated every time I go to my bathroom because of some damp in the wall that has caused the paint to turn into powdery while patches on the dark grey paint. Yes, I know I should get the wall replastered, but right now it feels like way too much trouble. So, I found some green paint and I have painted the patches – and the surrounds rather elaborately.

Can you spot the bad patches? I’m very pleased with my cover up, which goes around three walls. (It’s the sort of flowery bit that makes your eyes jump, by the way.)

I guess in our homes and in ourselves we should get to the causes of things, rather than covering up the symptoms. Sometimes, though it is quite ok just to “make pretty” and pretend everything is alright. In our own lives it is possible to do both simultaneously. To some people you might not want to go into the whole story in great depth, so you do a cover-up. That is only sensible. You may be dealing with the problem in your own way and in your own time while also doing the cover up.

All I’m suggesting is that there are times that a cover- up works just fine.

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