I visited such a lovely place the other day – Rustique Romance is the name. It is run by a creative woman with an eye for creating beauty and she describes herself as being mad about junk. And she has displays of junk that are so appealing and so desirable that you wonder how you have survived this long without them. Also she told us that her own house is built entirely of re-cycled materials – bricks, floors, everything. I know that shabby chic has been in vogue for a while and people are probably getting tired of battered old burglar bars with hearts hanging off them, but I still approve very much of making beautiful things out of stuff that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Isn’t that hat marvellous?

Anyway I think that often what we consider is junk within ourselves, is better off being used in different ways. Rather than trying to throw parts of ourselves or experiences away, we could rearrange those very things to be beautiful. Our unique identity might be brought to the fore if we could up-cycle those parts of ourselves.

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