I like wood as much as anyone else and I have spent many hours of my life stripping paint from wooden door frames, dado rails and skirting boards. I really love beautiful wooden furniture and I look after, and polish the wooden furniture that I own. I say all this in mitigation of the sacrilegious acts that I have recently committed.

I have two adorable little Victorian tub chairs. I have had then upholstered in various fabrics, but have kept the wood untouched except for some polishing. But recently I took the chairs to a panel beater so that the wood could be laquered in bright green – I did want more of a turquoise, but no matter. Some would think that spray painting wood of any kind is a very bad thing to do, and that spray painting Victoriana is unforgiveable. Here is a picture of one of the chairs in its new green paint and new upholstery.

I’ll let you be the judge of how scandalous or otherwise my action is, but I have yet another admission to make. I have also painted a fairly sweet wooden cupboard and pasted wrapping paper in the front panels. It now looks like this:

And here’s a closer look:

I am very happy with these projects and how they turned out, despite what anyone else might say.

Sometimes I think it can be good to break the rules and discover some freedom, rather than respect the rules of tradition.

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