The wonderful thing about getting something for free or for very little is that it gives great freedom to experiment. My neighbour threw out a very ugly couch. I rescued it, figuring that it wouldn’t really matter if it were stolen from my stoep. I did put a slip cover over it to try to disguise it. The slip cover was stolen and the full ugliness of the couch was again revealed.

Then I had my house repainted. So my next brilliant idea was to use some of the left over paint on the couch. That done, it seemed to cry out for something else. Like the use of a red koki pen.

I scribbled bits of W.H. Auden and Gus Ferguson on it and did my very bad illustrations. I like it a lot now and what’s more I reckon I’ve made it pretty thief-proof!

How do you like my designer couch??

How do you like my designer couch??

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