The wonderful thing is that just about anything can be an inspiration. Of course some things will inspire greater and more beautiful ideas and actions than others, but different strokes for different folks (as they say). I have been very fortunate to have spent time in Paris, Barcelona, Florence and Saltzburg recently. You might imagine that I would have been greatly inspired by the incredible art and soaring cathedrals that I saw. And I was. I was moved by Gaudi’s great Sagrada Familia. And I could not believe the power and beauty of David. And there were lots and lots of amazing sights and delights for the senses. But what really inspired me to try my hand at something were some of the buildings in Barcelona that were decorated on the outside.

Isn’t that pretty and what a generous thing to do! I was entranced and inspired and determined to decorate my house on the outside when I got back. And OK, I know I haven’t quite got the skill to pull off the whole Barcelona thing, but this is what I did.

It makes me happy when I come up my front path and see the decorations because it reminds me of my great travels and how I was inspired by the Barcelona buildings.

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