I have had a very easy week with few clients and lots of time for domesticity and relaxing. It has been so satisfying and I count myself as very lucky. I really don’t know how some people manage full-time work, caring for children, travelling through heavy traffic and how they remain cheerful on top of all that. Seems very wrong that so many people are unemployed and that those who have work, have too much of it!

Anyway, these were some of my simple pleasures during my very unstressed week. Apart from getting back to gym after a bit of a break, and exploring various shops – book shops, charity shops and decor shops (my favourites), I enjoyed doing things at home.

I sewed on buttons that had popped off, and got out my ancient sewing machine in order to hem some frayed edges.

My ancient Singer

I always get an absurd amount of pleasure from arranging flowers in my home – and it’s a sign of huge stress if there are no flowers in my home. But when I have leisure and a garden bursting with spring flowers, it is a special pleasure.

Little jewels

I also put compost on some of my containers in the back courtyard and planted some kokerboom seeds. (Hope they come up!) And I poured out the worm tea from my worm farm, diluted it and poured it around the plants that I thought most worthy.

Newly composted containers

These are all such small jobs, but they are the kinds of things that get pushed out of our lives when there is too much busyness. I think that is why they are so satisfying to do – because they are a sign of relaxation. Maybe if we can do these kinds of things, we can convince ourselves that we are not as stressed as we feel.

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