Every room in my house has hearts somewhere in it – if not painted on the wall or cupboards, then wooden, wire or stone ones. My latest project has been to cut out fabric hearts and stick them up high above the picture rail in my entrance passageway.

Note the new hearts up above the rail!

I have to say that I started on hearts before they became quite as popular as they now are. The reason I chose them was because they are simple to draw and I can’t manage anything too complicated or sophisticated. But I think it’s rather nice that the image for love is as popular as it is, and I like to have so many reminders in my house about love.

Some hearts on my bathroom windowsill

And some more!

Painted on my kitchen wall.

There are stacks more hearts dotted around my home and I think they make me and happy and maybe more loving.

I work with a lot of couples and many of them have forgotten about the love that used to be part of their relationship. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I’m hoping that all the symbols of love will become realities.

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