Eating is such a pleasurable thing and of course it has to be because it’s a pretty basic survival necessity. And socialising is such a pleasurable thing and of course it has to be because it is also necessary for our survival. Eating and socialising together is a double pleasure and that’s why there is so much of it going on, especially in this festive holiday season. I love going into people’s homes and being treated to food that they have prepared and I love to have friends and family come to my home to share a meal that I have prepared.

I confess that I get a bit anxious about it: will I decide on a suitable menu? will I be able to make it delicious? will there be enough? will my skillful foodie friends be satisfied with my humble offerings? I don’t get very anxious – just a bit. What I really enjoy, however, is making the table pretty and having my home look welcoming and bright.

The kitchen table all ready to receive the conversation and laughter of friends while eating good food.

The pleasures of eating in a pretty home are to be relished. Sharing good food with good people in a pretty home increases the pleasure by about one hundred percent. And it is the sharing and connecting that makes the magic rather than having a perfect meal.

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