The latest Big Issue (10 July-31 July 2009 No.150 Vol 13) features an article on Mark Brunetz. Sorry to say I’d never heard of him before, but what I read about him made me very excited! Ok, he’s a super famous designer with his own tv series called Clean House and he’s very famous and all that, but his ideas sound fabulous. Listen to this: “I firmly believe in the power of design and its ability to transform lives. A truly inspiring place, one that accurately reflects its inhabitants, can build self-esteem, create endless opportunities for personal growth and productivity and, above all, allow people to share their lives with people in ways thay never knew possible.” He also said: “Great design, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and only you know what you truly love. Don’t second guess yourself! Trust your instincts.”

I completely agree with those ideas and I am so pleased that Mark is making those ideas famous. I have to admit though that there is also a little bit of sadness in me that psychology is seldom as much fun, and maybe sometimes less effective than design is in effecting transformation in people’s lives. Perhaps psychology will still come into its own by having a more major influence on design.

But really it doesn’t matter whether people are transformed from the outside in, in the ways that Mark describes, or whether they are transformed from the inside out through therapy, or other means. What is important is that we become aware of the fabulously rich relationship that exists between ourselves and our living spaces and that we let this relationship express all the creativity, joy and colour that we are.

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