For the last couple of days I’ve been consumed with transformation! The objects of my obsession have been two chairs, a little bench and a stool. So, first was finding these objects in second-hand shops. Then I had about a million ideas about what I could do to these old bits of furniture. I narrowed my ideas down in paint and fabric shops and limited myself to a few pots of paint – dark grey, hot pink, ivy green – and a selection of five gorgeous bits of fabric. (I haven’t used all the fabric, so there’s more to come!)
I can’t tell you the fun and enjoyment I have had in changing these dusty and neglected pieces into eye-catching pieces of furniture that will be loved.

The little bench is painted ivy green and is decorated with red rick-rack braid and red and green buttons. One chair has the wood work painted in charcoal and the seat is a beautiful silky silver fabric with a reddish brown leaf design. The other chair looks like the picture below:

I believe that I find these transforming projects so satisfying because they mirror the way in which we transform ourselves psychologically. We find some old, neglected part of ourselves and see how it could become beautiful. Then we gather the resources we need in order to effect the transformation – whether it be therapy, books, conversations, reflection, whatever. Next we start applying the means of transformation. This generally involves some moments of frustration – for me especially because I am so impatient and can’t bear to wait for paint to dry or to get the proper tool for the job. Anyway, it doesn’t much matter what colour you decide on or whether you do the job according to your second idea or your two millioneth idea. The important thing is that you have made a decision and it is your decision and you are happy with it. The joy of making something beautiful and unique in our lives is a special one – and often one that touches the lives of others. And that joy is one that surpasses even the fun of painting old furniture!

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