My friend, David, wrote the following about Inside Out & Outside In and because he has expressed it so clearly and well, I’m making a post of it, rather than putting it on the ‘what others say’ page.

In a world of prepackaged ideas, styles and outlooks, Daphne’s approach to creating your own personalized spaces comes like a fresh sea breeze blowing over a smog-filled city. Although her ideas are focused on living spaces, these ideas become a metaphor for living life. If applied consciously, they can have a transformative effect extending way beyond our homes.

Daphne’s starting point centres on two questions: What is good taste and what is good style? For too long we have accepted the answers to these questions from so-called experts. The problem is that not everyone resonates to the same surroundings. We need to uncover what really satisfies us aesthetically and what gives us joy. This may be in accord with the experts but it may be something altogether different. We are the ones who spend a large part of our life in our homes. Why should we create these in the images of the taste of others? The usual answer, even if we do not like to admit it, is that we want to create a good impression on others. In being honest and shaking off this desire to please others we can begin to find the freedom that comes from being just who we are. We need to allow our own tastes and opinions to be those that influence us, not those of others however expert they may be.

Because we are so conditioned, the process of discovering our own tastes, feelings and desires is not always an easy task. It is an-ongoing journey of discovery. Fortunately, it can begin in the comfort of our own homes.

What will come as a wonderful discovery is the extension of the personalization of our own homes into the personalization of our lives. What Daphne shows us is how transformation of our houses or apartments into our homes becomes the metaphor and the template for the transformation of all aspects of our lives.

David Vodhi

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