There are so many clever, creative, practical, skilled and resourceful people around in all fields of life. We would be silly and arrogant were we not to learn from the masters. The trick though is to be inspired by, rather than be intimidated by or try to become carbon copies. In my time I have tried to be various famous psychologists. Thankfully I failed. I’m hugely indebted to some of the famous psychologists, and some of the less famous ones because they have expanded my ideas, made me question some of my professional practices and generally helped me to be a more skilled and useful therapist. I have taken bits and pieces from the experts, highlighted aspects that make sense to me, discarded ideas that don’t work for me and generally put these ideas through the filters of my own biases and preferences. My ideas and practices have changed considerably over time. I think that it is my individuality that gives life to the ideas and models that I have integrated and that prevents me from being a technician who operates from a sterile set of rules.

The same, I think applies to making homes. There are wonderful designers and creators who know how to create amazing spaces and fill them with colour and texture and beauty. But we can often be intimidated by these perfect places or believe that we have to have exactly that same look. Instead of picking and choosing and learning from, we may try to copy and then we loose the life and soul that our individuality would create.

I fell in love with a light in an interior decoration shop. It was a beautiful chicken with legs covered in lion match paper and it was cheeky and delightful. I wanted it very much, but it cost far too much for me to consider getting it. But I was very inspired, so I set about making my own chicken light. I happened to have a wire basket with a chicken head. I removed the handle, covered it with tissue paper, gave it some wonky red legs and put a bulb inside it. I think that I was inspired, and I did imitate a bit, but I’m so proud of my own work!

My very own wonky chicken light!
My very own wonky chicken light!

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  1. wow! what a lovely concept and what a great website! thanks for totally inspiring me!! i’m in a dynamic phase in my life and as i was reading your IO&OI philosophies i suddenly realised that my house is yet another area where i can change to benefit ME! often one looks at interior mags and think ‘how lovely’ but seldom do we/i actually DO IT! you have definitely given me a nudge in the ribs to buy some bright paint and PAINT that wall! (i’m already putting shelves up in my garage to remove excess clutter from inside the house to the garage, neatly too – so step 1 is in process) hahaha… i also have ‘hectic gardening’ on my do list… so step 2 is planned. i’m proud to say that i’m getting there… but thanks for your help, D & L. you’re both Angels! xx

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