I don’t want to sound completely happy and bright in the face of global financial meltdown. And I know that there will be lots of unhappy consequences for many people, but I also can’t help thinking that it’s not a bad thing that we have to be able to afford what we buy and that we have to be more mindful about how we spend money and on what we spend. I’m especially thinking about the ways in which we handle the crisis in our homes and what it might say about us.

Perhaps we decide that home improvements and home beauty are luxuries which are no longer possible. Perhaps we consider cheaper options. Maybe we make do. The way in which we deal with money can say a great deal about our attitudes and beliefs. It is possible to feel rich even when you don’t have a whole lot of money. And as we all know, money can’t buy happiness.

This may sound a bit biblical, but consider the nasturtiums of the fields and byways – they cost nothing, but they can light up a room. Maybe there are a whole lot of other things that we can do so that we feel rich in the face of the credit crunch. Recycle and reuse. Swop things you no longer want for things that you do want. Use your creativity and imagination.

Even in the face of the credit crunch your home can reflect the wealth that is yours – the wealth of your creativity, your individuality, your resourcefulness and the beauty that is around us in so many forms.

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